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Trenton LOTUS Project concerts aim to fill pandemic silence

Author: Daniel Aubrey

"Stay courageous, fearless, strong, directed, supportive, sympathetic, resilient, patient, tolerant and kept my sense of humor!” responded an unnamed individual to an online invitation offered by the LOTUS Project, a Trenton-based organization that is having its debut on Saturday, January 22, at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral at 205 West State Street.

The event will also premiere a new sound work incorporating the above line and those more than 30 others by people who followed the online thread that said “2020 was a ‘silent’ year for many. What’s your story? Complete the following sentence and become a part of our first concert! ‘During The Silence, I . . .’”

“During COVID we experienced something once in a lifetime,” says the Westminster Choir

College trained professional musician and LOTUS Project artistic director Alicia Brozovich. “We need to acknowledge it.”

Brozovich says the nonprofit group was founded in November, 2020, when she and a number of her colleagues were out of work and looking toward the future.

“Perhaps it is crazy,” she says about founding a new organization while others were challenged and closing, “but we thought the pandemic was a way of looking at the future. We’re an intentional organization. Our mission is to craft immersive musical experiences in which we can encounter the world with new eyes and a renewed sense of wonder.”

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