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A Rising Star in The Trenton Arts Community

Angelica Stern, Trenton Daily

Jan 20, 2023

Concert Review

Throughout its rich history, Trenton has always been a community where artists could thrive. Visual artists, performers, dancers, and more have made this community their home for decades. A rising star in Trenton’s art scene, The LOTUS Project is making its mark, with dynamic performances and experiences.

Providing audiences with an immersive musical experience, The LOTUS Project brings profound performances like its latest production, “Consolation of Apollo.” Rather than gather at a traditional music hall, attendees of this interstellar performance were invited to the New Jersey State Museum for a concert under the stars. As a result, beyond the performers’ incredible talent, the audience was left with more: an opportunity for wonder, renewal, and a blissful escape into the starry night sky.

The LOTUS Project: A Rising Star in the Trenton Arts Community

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