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“Stay.Together, A Vigil for Veterans” to honor those who served through music and art

Lori Goldstein, Bucks County Herald

Nov 2, 2023

Concert Announcement

The LOTUS Project of Trenton, N.J., will present “Stay.Together, A Vigil for Veterans” — an evening of choral and instrumental music to commemorate Veterans Day, Nov. 11, at Patriots Theater in Trenton’s War Memorial.

Artistic director Alicia Brozovich will conduct more than 100 musicians, including the LOTUS Community Chorale, the Bordentown Regional Middle School Select Choir, the Trenton Children’s Chorus, plus the LOTUS Festival Orchestra.

This will be a debut for the LOTUS Community Chorale. Separate from the professional vocal ensemble known as the LOTUS Project, the Chorale comprises amateur singers from the greater Trenton area. “Our youngest member is 21, our oldest is 93,” says Brozovich.

The concert’s centerpiece is British composer Howard Goodall’s “Eternal Light,” a Requiem composed in 2008. Goodall’s work is as much about the living, the survivors, as it is about the deceased.

Goodall writes, “Events in my private life and some tragic public losses made me think that it might be possible to provide a semi-secular, semi-sacred piece to help in some small way with the terrible loss and pain people feel at these times, a Requiem that would not be about hell, damnation, guilt or sin. I especially felt that I wanted to write something focused on the interruption and loss of young lives.”

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